Group Therapy

Many times we feel very alone in our problems. Participating in group therapy helps reduce this isolation. Although your situation may be unique, your underlying feelings may be very similar to others. Group therapy is an effective form of treatment and for some people it may be more effective than individual therapy. Groups generally meet weekly for 75 minutes. Below is a list of current group offerings.

Mothering Together: A group for pregnant and postpartum women

Mothering Together is an 12-week therapy group for pregnant and postpartum women (up to 18 months) struggling with depression, anxiety, or the adjustment to motherhood. Group meets weekly for 75 minutes. Members will receive support in a safe and confidential environment, learn how to effectively cope with their thoughts and feelings, and develop ways to navigate changes in their identity and relationships.

Please email or call 757-504-1805 with questions. Wednesdays 9-10:15am.

An intake is required with all new group members prior to attending the first group session.