Individual Therapy

My area of specialization is perinatal mental health. This term is inclusive of the many mental health and/or adjustment concerns women may experience during pregnancy or postpartum. See below for a few of the many reasons women seek out my support:
Struggling with depression and/or anxiety during pregnancy or the postpartum period.
Difficulty adjusting to the postpartum period.
Struggling with difficult thoughts and feelings related to your birth experience.
Difficulty with changes in your identity or relationships during pregnancy or postpartum.
Dealing with additional stressors postpartum (i.e. baby in NICU, difficulty with feeding baby, etc.)
Concerns related to a previous pregnancy and/or postpartum period.
Loss associated with a miscarriage and/or fertility issues.

This list is not exhaustive but rather includes some of the reasons people seek out my services. If you are pregnant or postpartum and just "feel off" or like something just isn't right, please call me. We can talk further to determine the best course of action to get you feeling like yourself again.

All services (individual, couples, group therapy) begin with an intake appointment. In the first session we will talk about your concerns and goals in depth and determine if I am good fit to assist you. We will discuss what brought you to therapy, and develop a tentative plan for how I might assist you with your goals. If at the end of the intake, it is determined that I am not the best person to assist you or you do not feel I am a good fit for your needs, I will provide you referrals to other clinicians in the area. Should you choose to work with me for therapy, we will establish a collaborative relationship with the goal of facilitating change and improving your overall quality of life. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe in therapy. I will provide a caring, confidential, safe and non-judgmental environment to help facilitate your sense of comfort.


Intake appointment$135
Individual appointments$105

I am currently accepting most Anthem, Optima and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans. I am also a TRICARE authorized non-network provider for individuals with PPO plans.

If I am not contracted with your health insurance company, you may be able to use your out of network benefits for reimbursement.